My Mental Illness Looks Like…

What does mental illness really look like? Its different for everyone, and a lot of times we only allow certain aspects to be seen. My mental illness looks like a girl with secrets and scars on her body from many relapses with self-harm. She carries around a lifetime of baggage, filled with mental abuse, guilt, and shame. Her house rarely looks puts together anymore. There’s always laundry piling up that she can’t keep up with. The sink is full of dishes. The floor needed to be vacuumed a week ago and there’s clutter on all of the tables. She can’t find the energy to cook or clean. She uses all her energy just to exist. The house is like a metaphor for her depressive episode. She is a mess and so is her house. The more she looks at the mess, the worse she feels about it. She’s too busy trying to climb out of a dark pit to take care of anything else. She is surviving, and right now that seems to be the only thing she can handle.


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